Give Your Book Away to Generate Interest

Most authors believe that as soon as they have finished their masterpiece and “get the word” out, millions of people will be queuing up to buy. It doesn’t quite work that way!

Success as a writer is a three step process: Write the book, print the book then sell the book. It’s that last step that authors often pay the least attention to – Even though it’s the key to success.

You need to identify your readers early on. Not everyone is going to buy your book and you need to be okay with that fact. Ask yourself how you can get in front of the kind of people who will convert into buyers. Take very specific actions every day and work toward a goal. Continually working is half the battle.

You will want to give up. Everyone wants to give up at some stage. Powering through the difficult times is what separates successful authors from those doomed to be “aspiring” forever. It will take perseverance and stick-to-itiveness, but eventually opportunities with present themselves, whether with publishers, literary agents or publicists.

If every author sat down and clearly defined the market for their book, almost every book would sell. Stick to working every day – whether you feel like it or not. There isn’t even a “worst case scenario” as there are millions of other marketplaces to sell your book other than the big bookstores.

What kind of business card should a writer give to prospects? Their book, of course!

If you don’t believe me, try it. Send fifty copies of your book to execs at direct sales companies. You’re not trying to get a response from all 50 sends, but you might get one or two. They might then place an order for 500 books! You never know unless you try.

Coaches and professional speakers (specifically look at the personal development industry) use their book as a loss-leader to promote themselves and get customers worth hundreds of times more than the cost of printing a $12 paperback. Such a plan may even open the door to high-paid consulting gigs.
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