Biographies Are Hot Right Now

In this era where digital virtual reality is taking over, readers are going crazy for biographies and memoirs. The reality of inspiring people is something that we all strive to relate to.

Writers today are hooked into more research tools via the Internet and writers are being pushed into it – To quote the old adage, “Truth is stranger than fiction.” Who wants to read fiction?

Details and facts are only one part of a successful biography. The real key when writing a life story is to showcase facts and information about your subject not previously known by the reader.

But that’s not all: You need to take fiction devices and apply them to your story.

The fact is that less than 10% of autobiographies are written without ghostwriters. Is this a bad thing? Why should we expect someone who’s lived a successful and interesting life to also be a prolific author?

Ghostwriting is a legitimate skill: being about to live in someone else’s skin, view the world with their eyes and speak with their voice so nobody even expects the ghostwriter.

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