Your Book’s Cover: More Important Than You Think

You know the old saying, don’t judge a book by it’s cover? As unfortunate as it is, people do.


Your book’s cover design could be make or break for you as an author: If you have an ugly cover, people will skip your book, meaning no sales. Publishers drop authors who have no sales.


Designing the inside of your book is also important. You need it to be easy to read to share your message with your readers. The inside design should be complete before moving on to cover design and you should present friends and family with options before setting it in stone.


Where possible, include pictures and/or graphics if they’re relevant to your message.


Remember: A poor design reflects on the book and its contents. Do it right!


You need to work with a graphic designer who knows his or her stuff. These are the magic services you need to look out for. To keep costs low, try to find one person who is knowledgeable in all areas.


Book cover design


Case wrap design


Book jacket design


Text layout


Barcode and image scanning


The major stages in a best seller are:


Part one: Design component

The design component encompasses the book cover design, general book layout and the inside pages.


Part two: Publishing


This includes editing, copywriting and typesetting plus illustration.


As soon as you have completed these two major steps, it’s time for printing.


You need to be aware of the spine width of the cover, which is determined by the page count.


The last process is deciding whether to print as hardbound or softbound. Make sure everything’s in order (such as titles, subtitles and headings) then send off your manuscript in Adobe PDF format.

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