Writing a Book That Sells

Writing a saleable, marketable and viable book is hard. Even major publishers aren’t able to guarantee how well a book will sell. Buyer preferences are affected by so many variables – including flash trends and world events.


I’m going to show you how to leverage the sales-factor in your favor.


1. You need to know your readers


Get specific. Important details include:


  • Age range
  • Marital status
  • Geography
  • Occupation
  • Other books they’ve read


Put together a profile including where they shop, whether they’re apart of any club or organization, etc.


Having this data means you can incorporate these aspects into your book plus you could find new marketing opportunities.


2. You need to know your market


Use some detective work to figure out what the market’s like for your book.


How many publications are related to your book’s topic? Are you reading ALL of them? Could you fill some “holes” in your niche?


3. Books which are similar to yours


How many other books have been published on your topic? If you haven’t already, you need to read all of the books in your niche.


A successful author knows every detail about similar books and what potential readers think of them.


It’s not bad if there are already books out on your topic, you just need to angle yours differently.


4. Stay up-to-date with your industry


Do you know what’s hot in your industry? Do you know what people are wanting today and what might be next?


Talk to lots of people and ask them to take a quick 5 to 10 minute survey. They’ll tell you everything you need to know.


5. What’s going on in the media


What’s the media talking about? Take note what other books they’re promoting. Read everything – not just the first page!


You could check out what the media in other states (or in other countries) is interested in easily via the Internet.


Identify any trends in their coverage. Even the smallest thing might be the key you’re looking for.


6. You need to do speaking gigs


The best way to engage with a relevant audience is via speaking gigs. Being in direct contact with your audience will have a positive influence on your finished product and it will create buzz.


Get them to sign up to a mailing list so you can keep them informed of any developments, such as when your book is coming out.


7. Take advantage of upcoming events


Think carefully about options when you plan to release your book. Good tie-ins include regional events and holidays – Check your calendar!

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