Re-energize Your Book Marketing

Marketing a book is definitely a process, but sometimes it takes a lot longer than we’d expected. That’s why first-time authors need to step back and look at the promotional work you’ve been doing. This will reveal areas that might be getting neglected or opportunities that haven’t been considered yet.


You need to get yourself a white board or something as big. Now write up what you’ve accomplished so far – Don’t leave anything out! Add everything from when your first book proof arrived.


Hopefully this process will offer some new perspective on what you’ve been working on when promoting your book. It’ll identify areas which you’ve been spending way too much time on plus what’s working and what’s not.


Keep in mind that goals like “bulk sales” and “international media” are long-term and will take more time.


For example, if you’ve been doing lots of radio, maybe it isn’t working. Now is the time to look at another promotional avenue, i.e. speaking engagements. Have you kept up with your speaking gigs? Find out what isn’t working, then cut it – Work on something else.


You should have a pretty good idea about your promotional progress. Put together a to-do list to help boost your campaign.


Staying “in the trenches” often means we don’t have a clear overview of the big picture and this causes us to work on items which aren’t very effective and neglecting things which could be huge.


Taking a step back for a minute gives us vital breathing room to regroup and re-energise ourselves.


Remember: You need to be in control of your marketing. Only you have the passion and determination to get your message across. Don’t leave it to someone else then wonder why nothing seems to work!

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