Preparing Your Manuscript for Agent Submission

The best publishers don’t accept unsolicited manuscripts but they probably receive thousands of them every month anyway – only to send them to the “round file” (bin).

That means you need a literary agent. Your first step should be to get the list of literary agents, which includes every US literary agent in Excel, CSV and PDF formats. You also get a Microsoft Word mail merge template to make sending a query letter easy.

The literary agents listed are the industry’s best-performers and don’t charge fees – Plus, there won’t be any costly surprises!

Fixing Up Your Manuscript

Don’t stress too much about what your manuscript looks like.

The universal guide is:

  • Double-spaced
  • Simple, professional font, like Arial, Courier or Times New Roman
  • Page numbers on each page
  • Loose sheets (no staples)

The List of Literary Agents includes email addresses for most agents, s o you could send them an email along with the posted copy.

You Are an Entrepreneur

Stop being afraid. If you want to be a successful writer, you will need to do manuscript submissions. You don’t want to stress each time you’re getting ready to submit because you’ll be stressing for the rest of your life!

You need to reset your thinking. You are a writer, but also a salesperson. The product that you’re selling is your book. You have the power to produce the best product you can.

Remember: Most of the rejections you’ll receive (and you’ll get a few!) have nothing to do with the quality of your book, so don’t take it personally.

Just start work on the next lead (agent) on your list. This one might be the winner!

Selling your book is an important component in your work, something you can’t afford to ignore.

List of Literary AgentsHave you completed your book and are ready to submit to literary agents? You need to get yourself the list of literary agents, a compiled list of every literary agent in the US.

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